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Ú Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) Ú 3 Fateful StarsRayne is a flight attendant trying to pass time during a layover when she meets the mysterious Ghost It s obvious that Ghost doesn t want to get too personal but there s something about him that makes her want to spend the one day they have together even if she s not a one night stand kind of girl Ghost knows that he should stay away from Rayne He s a top secret Delta commando and ties are dangerous But when she agrees to his one night only and no attachments plan, he can t say no After spending the day walking around London together and then heating up the hotel sheets that night, Ghost is gone in the morning and Rayne is just left with memories Six months later Rayne is on a flight to Egypt and finds herself with some time off before their return flight She and a friend decide to go on a guided tour which turns out to be the wrong dec [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö ↠´ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) ê 4 One Night Only Stars Ghost and Rayne meet at London Airport when their flight is cancelled until the following day Rayne is a Flight Attendant and Ghost is a Delta Force Soldier just returning from a mission After striking up a conversation and having a mutual attraction they decide spend the day together and the night Just one night, no strings and no regrets Ghost is adamant that he is not a commitment type of guy especially with his secretive and dangerous job, he makes it abundantly clear that it will beone night onlyhe has never spent the entire night with any women and he would be walking away in the morning Susan Stoker Ó Susan Stoker Ó which he does, and for the first time ever it s with regret Rayne is a flight attendant, she s content and happy with her life She sweet, fun, and has a fresh and optimistic outlook on life which is the opposite of Ghost who is har [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) Ñ 3 What are the odds Stars Susan Stoker ☆ This is the first book I have read by Susan Stoker Rescuing Rayne is also the first book in the authors new Delta Force Heroes, series, and while I found it in the main enjoyable, there was one point that I didn t 100% feel needed to be played upon as much as it was Susan Stoker ☆ Things were going really well up to around the halfway point I knew when I started reading that the book partially would focus on the capture and then rescue of Rayne, that really wasn t the problem, I was also expecting violence and a bit of bloodshed in relation to the whole hostage situation as well, what really turned my enjoyment down a huge notch was the fact that the author thought it necessary to then give a full blown description of something, that then never happened I really don t think it needed to be as graphic, and it added nothing to the story for me view spoiler Proposed [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö

Ç Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) º Currently FreeUSUK Rescuing Rayne was a quick and easy read Rayne and Ghost had a insta love type of romance with some suspenseful moments thrown in that added a lot of intrigue I loved getting to meet the Delta Force team too and now I can t wait to get the rest of their stories Susan Stoker ☆ [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö ↠´ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) ↠´ I was mourning the end of my beloved SEALS but, I got over it because Author Susan Stoker had the new Delta series waiting It helped that my SEALS made an appearance in Rescuing Rayne Susan Stoker ↠´ Stranded overnight in London, Ghost and Rayne meet Rayne is not looking to hook up and Ghost does not do relationships Thetime Ghost spends with Rayne, thehe wants her temporarily Rayne is a good girl, but her inner bad girl is bitch slapping the good girl into the closet So, what happens Do they get together or not You need to read the book One thing is for sure, they have made a tremendous impression on each other Susan Stoker ↠´ This book has world political intrigue, romance, and hot sexy scenes Rayne is funny and is a perfect foil for the serious Ghost The road to true happiness does not run smoothly for these two But, if they can ov [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö ↠´ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) ☆ I really enjoyed this story This may be my favorite so far by Susan Stoker Rayne Jackson is a flight attendant who works on a rotation There are times she ends up in some tough places where there is trouble and unrest in the country Keane Ghost Bryson is a member of the Delta Force which means lying to protect his identity and keeping all missions secret They even fly commersion to and from missions most of the time to not be identified as military These guys are the best of the best Susan Stoker Ø Ghost and Rayne end up with a layover and begin chatting The airlines announces bad weather has now grounded the jets They chat for a while and decided to go sight seeing together They are instantly attracted to each other and even though he makes it clear it will be a one night stand and he will never see her again she agrees She has never had a one nigh [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö Æ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) Æ DELTA FORCE HEROESRescuing Rayne Book 1 Rescuing Rayne is the first book in Susan Stoker s new Delta Force Heroes Series Each book will be a stand alone and doesn t have to be read in order Susan Stoker ë Keane Ghost Bryson is heading back to Texas after completing another mission with his team He doesn t expect to meet the one woman that seems to be made for him during his layover in London But when his flight home gets delayed until the next day, Ghost and Rayne spend the day exploring the city Unfortunally Ghost s job dictates that he lies about who and what he is, so when their day is done, they MUST go their separate ways And for the first time in his life, Ghost doesn t want to leave in the morning Rayne Jackson is used to flight delays cancellations After all, they come with the job as a flight attendant When she meets John call me Ghost Benbro [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö As A Flight Attendant, Rayne Jackson Is Used To Cancellations, But She Never Dreamed Her Latest Would Lead To A Whirlwind Tour Of London With A Handsome Strangeror A Life Altering Night In His Bed One Evening Is All The Enigmatic Man Can Give Her, And Rayne Greedily Takes It, Despite Suspecting It Will Never Be Enough Heading Home After Another Extreme Mission, Keane Ghost Bryson Hadn T Planned To Seduce Someone During His Layover, But Rayne Is Too Sweet To Resist Being A Delta Force Member Means Lying To Protect His Identity, Which Is Unfortunate, Considering Rayne Seems Made For Ghost, Right Down To The Tattoo On Her Back For The First Time In His Life, Regret Fills Him As He Slips Away The Following Morning Both Are Shocked When, Months Later, They Meet Again Under The Worst Possible Circumstances Seems Fate Has Given Them A Second Chanceif They Can Survive The Terrorist Situation They Re In If Rayne Can Forgive Ghost His Lies And If Ghost Can Trust Rayne To Be Strong Enough To Endure The Secrets And Uncertainty That Come With Loving A Delta Force Soldier ✓ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) ✓ 5 Delta Stars for Ghost Hot, sexy, and dangerous Ghost is a Delta Force soldier on his way home from a top secret mission when his flight gets canceled in London By chance, he meets Rayne, an air hostess that is supposed to be on the same flight as him Once they get talking there is an obvious connection, it s electric When they learn that they have a whole day in London, Ghost offers to tour the city with Rayne, but he also gives her two options One To tour the city and spend the night with him then they go their separate ways OR Two To tour the city with him and they go their separate ways Susan Stoker ✓ Of course, we all know what option Rayne decided on And I would have done the same Ghost promised her one night That s all he could give That s all they agreed on So why does she feel so hurt So lonely And so empty When months later destiny throws them back together in a life threatenin [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö á Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) á Yet another DNF Susan Stoker á I ve tried a couple of times with Susan Stoker, but her books are just not my jam I don t know how to say it other than she writes very traditional heroes and heroines The H is always a no relationship kind of guy who swears he isn t a romantic, and that the women he has one night stands with understand the score The heroine has never had a one night stand and wants to find true love Is there a MadLibs style book out there that authors are using to write their books Because I swear to Jesus, this is the characterization for every contemporary romance H and h lately Anyway Susan Stoker á I need somethingthan the standard bs with a worldly, experienced hero who falls in love in spite of himself, and a naive, idealistic heroine who tames the bad boy Susan Stoker á [Susan Stoker] ☆ Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes, #1) [folklore PDF] read Online Ö

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