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Å Rescuing Emily æ Audio reread a little spicier and a better epilogue and this would have been 5 stars But, a novella is on tap for early next year so I am looking forward to that 4 Susan Stoker È 5 good guys stars At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Susan Stoker has done it again With this author, you re guaranteed an alpha man and a damsel in distress who isn t a weak victim Romance and action Not a lot of steam unfortunately, but a few hot scenes This time it is a young single mom named Emily who gets a sexy alpha Delta Force soldier Cormac Fletch Fletcher has spent his military career dedicated to the Delta Force He is strong, compassionate and tough Noone is breaking through that tough guy exterior, except his new tenant Emily and her precocious little girl Annie Susan Stoker È Emily is struggling as a single mom She is living in a seedy apartment complex and needs [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é ✓ Rescuing Emily ↠´ Rescuing Emily was another great story in my favorite Susan Stoker s Delta Force series I loved Emily and Fletch together and Emily s daughter Annie was such a great little girl with her gifted abilities and penchant for everything military Emily was such a strong independent single mom who was fierce in her care and love for her daughter I especially liked the set up of the rescue mission and Emily and Annie s proactive involvement in their own rescue Fletch may be my new alpha BBF whose protective instincts and Delta Force abilities were terrific Don t miss the court room scene starring the precocious Annie it s a real hoot [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é ↠´ Rescuing Emily ↠´ This might be a re read for me Susan Stoker º Emily is a single mother who would do anything and everything for her daughter, Annie Susan Stoker º Fletcher is a Delta Force soldier, who is renting an apartment over his garage, but he never expected these two girls to change his life Susan Stoker º This book was almost perfection Fletch is caring, overprotective, possessive and sweet Susan Stoker º Emily was one of the best mothers I ve ever read And Annie That girl is so sweet and smart I wish there would be a book of her Susan Stoker º There were actually only two things I didn t like too much, it didn t matter afterwards view spoiler At first I didn t get why the H and the h didn t have an instant connection than most couples It wasn t the cliche I saw her and she was the most beautiful girl ever and I knew she h [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é í Rescuing Emily ê 4 Stars Emily is a single parent to Annie, her very precocious and exceptionally smart six year old daughter who is her number one priority Emily answers an ad for a garage apartment rental owned by Delta Force Soldier Cormac Fletch After getting to know Emily he feels something for both Mother and daughter that brings out the need to look after and protect both He loves little Annie s inquisitive mind, and the fact that she loves anything military Susan Stoker Ó Fletch has an enemy who uses Emily to get back at Fletch by blackmailing her Bad communication between Fletch and Emily has her hating him, she thinks he is letting her pay his debt to the vile man who has threatened her using Annie as his leverage Eventually, the blackmailing takes a toll on Emily s health and Annie seeks out Fletch out of fear for her mother Once Fletch learns what s going on and he clears up all the misunder [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é Æ Rescuing Emily Æ 2 Susan Stoker Í 0 RATING I know I m in the minority here but this just didn t work for me The entire plot just seemed silly And the big misunderstanding between the hero and the heroine regarding the bad guy and the money, I just couldn t buy that any of that could happen Just no Ridiculous to me Susan Stoker Í [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é ☆ Rescuing Emily À Link to full review below Another super enjoyable book from Stoker She is one of my automatic 1 click authors [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é Renting Out The Apartment Over His Garage Shouldn T Be A Life Changing Decision, But When Delta Soldier Cormac Fletch Fletcher Meets Emily Grant, He Feels An Instant Connection He Can T Stand The Thought Of Emily And Her Young Daughter Living Anywhere Unsafe Offering Cheap Rent Is A Small Price To Pay For Their Safety And Fletch S Peace Of Mind Being A Single Mother Is Difficult At Best, But Renting The Extremely Affordable Space From Fletch Makes Emily S Life A Lot Easier Until It Doesn T Suddenly All The Money She S Saving Thanks To Fletch S Generosity Is Going Into The Hands Of A Blackmailer And What Little Food Emily Can Afford Goes To Her Daughter Annie, So The Girl Doesn T Go To Bed Hungry Leaving Emily Weaker And Weaker When Miscommunication Has Emily Assuming Fletch Is In On The Blackmail, He Not Only Has To Gain Her Trust, But Also Deal With A Man Holding A Grudge Against Fletch And His Entire Delta Force Team A Task Made Difficult When The Dangerous Man Gets His Hands On Emily And Annie Rescuing Emily Is The Nd Book Ebook Epub Download Rescuing Emily In The Delta Force Heroes Series Each Book Ebook Epub Download Rescuing Emily Is A Stand Alone, With No Cliffhanger Endings º Rescuing Emily º Get it here [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é ó Rescuing Emily ó YEESSSSS So good Susan Stoker ó Emily and Fletch were great MCs And that little girl Sooo adorable Susan began the story pulling on my heart strings for Emily and the way she cared for Annie and put her first It was touching Fletch tried to keep his distance, but that beautiful Annie kept pulling him in Susan Stoker ó Great read [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é ¾ Rescuing Emily Ê Emily Grant thinks she hit the jackpot when she finds and rents a room over the garage of Cormac Fletch Fletcher Not only does she know he gave her a break on the rent and the deposit but he is awesome with her young daughter, Annie, a smart, talkative, question asking heart stealer But things change when someone starts to blackmail her for money she can ill afford to pay and soon she is starving herself to at least feed Annie To make matters worse a mix up will make her believe Fletch is involved Susan Stoker ¼ When the truth comes to light Fletch will lay claim to the two women and do everything within his power to protect them even if it means giving up his own life With the help of his team, Delta Force soldiers, he will have to outsmart a close to home foe and save his women before it is to late This was my first book read written by author Susan Sto [Susan Stoker] ¶ Rescuing Emily [wolves PDF] Ebook Epub Download é

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