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Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ☆ This was so muchthan a love story Logan, Blake and Nathan Anderson grew up in an abusive home They made it out but so many don t, including their father Yes, you read that right, their father As crazy as is it sounds, their mother was the monster in the night They ve returned to Castle Rock, Colorado to right the wrongs ACE Security, their father s namesake, has a mission to protect those who have no voice, to help those who can t help themselves They didn t realize how busy they d beor how close their clients would be All three boys fled Castle Rock and the bad memories, the moment they turned 18 but a piece of Logan stayed behind with pretty, perfect Grace Mason She deserved so much better than him and he guessed she figured that out since she returned all his let õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker ↠´ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ He wasn t going to lose her No matter what Claiming Grace is the first book in the Ace Security Series If you are a fan of action, passion, and romance than you will enjoy meeting Logan and his brothers the men from Ace Security After a traumatic upbringing, Logan has finally returned home to Castle Rock, Colorado He and his brothers have started a security firm and he is doing his best to build a strong business and help people out of difficult situations When Logan Anderson is reunited with his high school sweetheart Grace Mason, he discovers that she is in danger Although she ended their relationship abruptly many years ago, Logan discovers that things aren t always as they seem As Logan and Grace reconnect, it will take everything they have to overcome the danger that surrounds them We re gonna deal with t õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker ß Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ß KIND SPOILERISH SPOILER I did not finish This book 60% Unfortunately,I confess this book had in it to be good Susan Stoker ¸ Even with my annoyance with the heroine Susan Stoker ¸ But this is not and adult book Susan Stoker ¸ There s zero smut Susan Stoker ¸ Not one single hot scene to save this book Susan Stoker ¸ This lookslike one of those silly teenagers mysteries, like one of SCOOBY DOO episodes, where the gang have to find out who the bad guys are, in this case, the heroine s parents I believe, one can be emotionally controlled, but not in the way it was in this book Her parents had her hand cuffed to a chair, then in her bedroom and even had her committed in a mental hospital Susan Stoker ¸ And it seems like they had spies everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, in their small town all the way to Denver, you know, that small city in Colorado Lol So they knew everything the h was doing I mean, EVERYTHING I think there s no secret agency to compare the power of these 2 Jus õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker ↠´ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Logan Anderson moves back to his hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado, to start a personal security business with his brothers Grace Mason was his best friend from high school and the woman who never answered his letters during his Army years Both cared deeply for each other, but both thought they had each moved on and forgotten about their childhood friendship and love for each other When they find out that Grace s parents are responsible for her never receiving his letters, the reforge their friendship When Grace s emotionally abusive and controlling parents try to keep them apart, the two must fight to free Grace from the suffocating hold of her family Grace s parents use whatever means including illegal they want to try to keep the couple apart and keep her under their thumb, but Log õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker Á Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Logan, one of the Anderson triplets, left his hometown as soon as possible He needed to escape his abusive house and the stigma attached to his family because of it Susan Stoker Û Grace has been emotionally abused by her parents for years, though she s never seen it as such She s lived her life trying to obey the rules as they dictate Susan Stoker Û Logan returns home after the death of his father and he and his brothers, Blake and Nathan, decide to open Ace Security Their mission is to help those who can t help themselves They know what they and their Dad lived with and want to prevent others from suffering as they did Yes, the abuser was their Mom Susan Stoker Û Logan and Grace were best friends in high school, though both had feelings for the other, they didn t act on them Each tried to maintain their friendship when Logan left for the military, believing they d have their chance soon However, someone ensured that didn õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker × Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) × 3 New Series Important Subjects Stars This was a interesting beginning for a new series The premise of a Security company dealing specifically with abused adults and children is strong Susan Stoker ï We have brothers who experienced it all of their lives from their mom The first character is the son who had a high school sweetheart and they promised to look out for each other Somehow, it didn t happen and the girl was left to deal with her own home life Fast forward to now, 10 years later and her life looks ok from the outside but is controlled by the parents everything is dictated by them She is a victim too but because it is emotional, he has not seen it The story is how she is rescued and loved again by him with us seeing where the rest of this series will go A gifte õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker For Logan Anderson, Moving On From A Traumatic Past Means Moving Back To His Hometown Of Castle Rock, Colorado, To Start A Personal Security Business With His Brothers But It S Not Long Before Logan Runs Into Grace Mason, His Best Friend From High School And The Woman Who Never Answered His Letters During His Army YearsGrace Was Pleasantly Surprised To See Logan Return To Castle Rock, Despite Their Falling Out Ten Years Ago Everyone Always Assumed They Would End Up Together, Including Grace, Who Had Eyes Only For Him But As Logan Eventually Escaped Their Town, Grace Got Pulled Further Into Her Family S Controlling Grasp And Farther Away From The Man She LovedNow, United By Scars Both Visible And Not, The Two Must Fight To Free Grace From The Suffocating Hold Of Her Family But The Masons Won T Let Go Easily And They Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Keep The Couple Apart ¿ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) à Claiming Grace is a second chance romance that won t be for the faint of heart Both main characters grew up with abusive parents While Logan was able to get away from the abuse, Grace didn t 10 years after Logan left town, he s back with his brothers for good and will learn that Grace s life waslike his than he knew Susan Stoker õ I like the approach the author took The abuse Grace suffers is often times not recognized A lot of people don t realize that emotional abuse can bedamaging than physical abuse People who have been mentally abused can be broken down to the point of not being able to function independently This is where people who ve never been in a situation like this may not understand why someone doesn t just õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker Ê Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) Ê Claiming Grace is the first book in Ace Security series by Susan Stoker Nathan, Blake and Logan Anderson came back to start a security business in Castle Rock to help victims of domestic abuse Grace Mason was Logan teenage crush and the daughter of Castle Rock royalty, and he thought he would never be able to have Grace has his wife However, when Logan starts to see Grace Mason in a different light, he begins to dig into Grace Mason life The readers of Claiming Grace will follow the twist and turns in Logan investigation to find out what happens Also, you will not expect the ending of this book Claiming Grace is the first book I have read of Susan Stoker and I enjoyed it However, it did bring up memories of my childhood that still affects me today I love Susan Stoker portrayal of her characters and the way they entwine throughout Claiming Grace I like Susan Stoker writing style an õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker Ù Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) Ù Logan and Grace were cute Susan Stoker ✓ but they were frustrating Claiming Grace was about second chances at love Susan Stoker ✓ but it s also about abuse All kinds of abuse because that s what Logan and Grace have in common Logan s mom used to hit him and his brothers Then there s Grace who s parents constantly abuse her mentally Ugh, these parents in this town are drinking something I hated them all Well, not Brad s parents Susan Stoker ✓ they seem to be the only normal ones Besides hating the parents, it s like Logan and Grace were just frustrating to read about in the beginning I honestly didn t end up liking them until the end Well, cause it was over but it s like they stop being whiny and did something about it Susan Stoker ✓ Grace was meh I wish she used her backbonethan just talking about it I just felt like I was getting mixed information about her Don t say she s strong but make her a õ Claiming Grace (Ace Security #1) ↠´ Download by Ë Susan Stoker

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