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Nothing Is Important To Blake Anderson Than The Work He Does With His Brothers At Ace Security At Least That S What He Thinks Until He Meets The Fiercely Independent Alexis Grant The Security Firm S New Intern Pushes All His Buttons And Makes His Temperature Rise But Giving In To Temptation Might Be Risky BusinessAlexis Can Tell That Blake Has His Doubts About Her Ability To Commit But While Most People Look At Her And See Only A Flighty Rich Girl, She Knows He Sees Much Determined To Prove Herself To Blake, Alexis Jumps At The Chance To Work Undercover And When Her Case Takes A Dangerous Turn, She Puts Her Trust And Her Heart In His HandsNow, As Alexis Digs Into The Deadly Secrets Of A Local Gang, Blake Will Lay Everything On The Line To Protect The Woman He S Come To Love Ù Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) Ù I liked Alexis Susan Stoker ✓ but sometimes she also annoyed me too Claiming Alexis is the second book of the Ace Security series In it, you will meet Alexis and Blake If you read listened to the previous book, well you would ve met them Once you did, well once I did, I totally saw that they were going to become a couple I didn t expect any of the drama that happened though Susan Stoker ✓ Okay, so Alexis is sort of intern at Ace She goes undercover, which ends up not going well at all It s with the gang that took Grace captive in the first book, and she unfortunately runs into someone from her past Ugh, I hated that skank and I don t even want to mention her name I will mention that these people took advantage of her and her money Again, I hated this whole situation Susan Stoker ✓ even if she was undercove Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker ☆ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) à 3 Susan Stoker õ 5 Stars Claiming Alexis is the second book in the series and it picks up not far after the 1st book left off In this book, Ace Security is focusing on the gang that was hired to take compromising pictures of Grace and Alexis s brother from the first book Ace Security is focusing on shutting the gang down Susan Stoker õ I love seeing all the same characters from the first book and I really liked Blake and Alexis as our main characters I was glad to see Blake beproactive in his pursuit of Alexis I did think the book focused a little too much on her low self esteem I m not much of a fan about body issues in romance books Overall this was an enjoyable read and the hints to the next book were intriguing It looks like we haven t seen the last of the gang ARC provided by NetGalley Susan Stoker õ Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker Û Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) Û Listened free through my Kindle Unlimited Susan Stoker Û Meh Something about Stoker srecent novels just do not work for me The dialogue is stilted and there is just no chemistry I felt nothing It was an ok listen when I could be distracted because I was not invested enough to care about missing something Susan Stoker Û The suspense plot was ridiculous No man would voluntarily put an untrained woman in that position Another reason I did not believe it Susan Stoker Û safety gang view spoiler heroine is kissed a couple times by a gang banger not her choice heroine is a virginhero is definitely not hide spoiler Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker õ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) Ñ 4 Stars 3 Flames I m so happy I picked this series back up Where I liked the first installment, I LOVED this one Although it s not necessary to read the first book prior to this one, I strongly recommend it It s always a good idea to read the stories in order Even if they can be read as standalones Susan Stoker Ø Alexis is the sister of the brother who was being used in the first book see, told you you should read the first one She s also the rich girl who everyone has already labeled before getting to know her Like, truly getting to know who she is Everyone has always assumed who she was and she s tired of it When she first got involved with Ace Security, she was immediately drawn to one person in particular, Blake And now that Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) ↠´ Whew Susan Stoker puts her peeps through the WRINGER Yeesh laugh But, that s part of what I like about the stories Blake Alexis start out as co workers on Blake s side and he s not too sure about how long even that is going to last He finally figures out that Lex is a smart, capable, brave, loving woman, and decides in true lovable caveman fashion that she is his hearts Alexis, for her part, has been in love with Blake from the get go, and I absolutely ADORED her obsession w his you ll just have to see It felt like a fairly unique part to be obsessed with, and I enjoyed it The action is intense, the banter excellent, and the steamy times STEAMY Definitely a 5 read as always I m looking forward to the next in the series The tease we get at the end is Ooooh Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker Ì Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) ï DNFI suspected this would beromance than suspense but not no suspense at all and cheesy cutesy romance I was looking for a light read, but this was not it Not for me Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) ↠´ 3 Susan Stoker ↠´ 5 stars areaccurate I did like this one better than book 1 Alexis joins Ace Security and immediately falls in love with Blake However, it is not until she decides to put herself in danger by going undercover in the Inca gang to try to gainevidence against them and their bad deeds for hire business plan that Blake realizes he likes her too The assignment getsanddangerous until Blake must save her from the bad guys Susan Stoker ↠´ I liked Alexis much better than Grace from book 1 Blake is just as good of a guy as Logan was, so they are about even The plot in this one was muchexciting a little hard to believe at times, but definitelyexciting , but there was very little smut considering how much Alexis and Blaketalkabout sex with one another Maybe I should develop a separate smut rating for the romances I read I would only give this one a 2 out of 5 Susan Stoker ↠´ Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) ↠´ I want you Claiming Alexis is the second book in the Ace Security Series An action packed romance with passion, Susan Stoker packs quite a punch Alexis is an intern for Ace Security and the Anderson Brothers Although she has been attracted to Blake from day one, she has been anxious about taking the next step and letting her feelings be known When Alexis is put in danger, as she goes undercover in a dangerous gang, Blake realizes how precious she is Blake and Alexis share a passionate connection but with danger lurking around every corner, it will take strength and perseverance to overcome I want to be the first, and hopefully, the only man who will ever be inside you Told in multiple POV, Claiming Alexis is full of romance, action, and non stop suspense The plot is full of twists and turns and the anticipation is real as Alexis goes und Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker ã Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) ☆ Reviewed by GeminiClaiming Alexis is the second book in Susan Stoker s Ace Security Series I did not read the first book, Claiming Grace, so there were a few questions that lingered throughout However, those gaps in information did not take away from my overall enjoyment of Claiming Alexis The Ace Security series centers around three brothers who own a security firm in Colorado They were abused by their mother growing up and eventually, she killed their father, Ace Because of their abuse, Ace Security focuses on helping victims of abuse The three brothers are Logan, Blake, and Nathan Anderson Logan s story was featured in the first book, Claiming Grace, where Ace Security rescued his now wife Grace from a dangerous gang called the Inca Boyz This time, the focus is on Blake Anderson and his budding relationship with Ace Security s newest employee, Alexis Download Epub Format ↠´ Claiming Alexis (Ace Security, #2) PDF by ↠´ Susan Stoker

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