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↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) ↠´ 4 Susan Stoker ↠´ 5 You re needed and loved Claiming Felicity is the fourth book in the Ace Security Series This series is full of action, suspense, and passion and although I highly recommend reading the entire series, each book can be read as a stand alone Felicity is part of the Ace Security Family and yet, she has a big secret She has been on the run from a dangerous man Felicity thought she was safe but when her past collides with her future, she is ready to run again Ryder Sinclair rolls into town to meet his half brothers and is immediately drawn to Felicity He recognizes her need for protection and as they grow closer together, he will stop at nothing to make her his Felicity is hesitant at first but who can possibly deny the affections of a hot alpha male like Ryder I m in no rush Overall, Claiming Felicity is another Stoker winner È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï É Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) É First of all, I would like to say how muchI enjoyed Claiming Felicity than Claiming Bailey We didn t have any ungrateful people in this book and I liked that The story was also able to hold my interest and I liked the characters both secondary and main It made me wonder how Ryder was able to see through Felicity s facade so fast while the people who were her friends didn t suspect a thing Felicity is a good heroine She has managed to hide from the evil person who is chasing her for a long time and when he finds her in the town she lives she does everything she can to make sure that none of her friends will be in danger Ryder s job is to keep her safe and find the bad guy before he finds them The insta love between the two characters helped Ryder s case because he is not willing to lose the woman he loves I would have liked to see Ryder spendtime with h È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï

à Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) à I had no idea Felicity was hiding so much She s been in books 1 3 and she seemed like such a strong character that was confident in everything she does What a crazy story she s been hiding After a Ryder stepped in and helped her face her past, she truly became that strong woman I always thought she was Susan Stoker õ I ve read a few Mountain Mercenary books so I was pleasantly surprised to find out Ryder is one of them He s a super protective hero who always considered Felicity s feelings and input before making decisions We get to see all the brothers and their heroines in this 4th book but it looks like this series isn t over yet I m looking forward to book 5 Susan Stoker õ È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï Ù Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) Ù Wow, that ending though Susan Stoker ✓ Okay I loved this series and getting to know all of the characters Well, everyone but grace s parents because they sucked major ass Also, her mom totally got what she deserved form my girl named karma Susan Stoker ✓ Other than that, I loved Ryder and Felicia being together They were adorable and I probably would ve been super pissed at this book if things didn t go a certain away Like for instance, this crazy creeper stalker from her past Yeah, he needed to go Didn t expect that way he was going to go though but enjoyed it nonetheless Then this book threw all kinds of twists and turns at me I didn t like all of them but they kept this book a freaking page turner I couldn t put it down and just wanted to know what the hell was going to h È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï ✓ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) ✓ Ok I knew Felicity s story was going to be a good one but that was freaking awesome, I loved it and a great intro to Ryder and the Mountain Mercenaries Susan Stoker ☆ Great mystery, wonderful character s brilliant storyline amazing author Susan Stoker ☆ È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï ß Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) ß There s something very addictive and seductive about Susan Stoker s various series of courageous and brave soldiers, their fight for justice and the fierce protectiveness of their loved ones Claiming Felicity book four in the Ace Security Series is another exemplary work of Susan Stoker s creative writing as she brings the surprising secretive half brother to the Anderson brothers, a twist to their family dynamics Ryan Sinclair comes to Castle Rock, CO, after the discovery of the half brothers he never knew about Wanting to know his newfound family, and leaving his mercenary life behind, Ryder isthan ready to plant roots and with Felicity Jones Susan Stoker ☆ Feeling from a dangerous past, Castle Rock was supposed to be a temporary stop for Felicity Jones But the Anderson family has tied her strong to family and friendship, and leaving was becoming a far fetched idea u È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï Ö Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) Ö 4 StarsI find myself in a bit of a conundrum here Susan Stoker É I enjoyed the book I did Susan Stoker is one of my fav authors, I love her writing, her characters and the attention to detail she gives to each book My issue here isn t due to any of those things, it sthat I wasintriguedfascinatedby the baddie than I was when it came to Ryder and Felicity s journey Hangs head and sighs I know it happens and it s not a off with your head issue or anything, but typically when one is reading a romance novel said reader SHOULD be all about the main couple and not the psycho crazy who is making their lives a living hellbut that s what we have going on here With that said It is difficult to NOT fall in love with Ryder He is all kinds of honorable, determined and honest, not only with himself, but with those around him What I liked about him È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï ✓ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) ✓ Rating 4 Susan Stoker × 5 StarsRyder Ace Sinclair is trying to come to terms with part of his past Felicity Jones just met someone who s given her hope She also has secrets and she wants to keep them that way Susan Stoker × There are previous characters that make appearances throughout So if you re behind in reading this series or if this is your first foray into the world of Ace Security you may want to look into what you ve missed This could be considered a standalone but hopefully you ll want to try and stay true to the series It always surprises me in how creative the author is when creating her stories You never read one of her stories and think that you ve read it, or something similar, before They all seem so original We get plenty of action and how much you sink into the story you may even hold your breath You È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï Falling In Love Could Expose A Woman In Hiding, In The Fourth Ace Security Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Stoker Former Mercenary Ryder Sinclair S Stunning Discovery That He Has Three Half Brothers In Castle Rock, Colorado, Is Giving Them All The Chance To Color In The Spaces Of Their Tragic Pasts For Ryder, Establishing Roots Is Made All The Desirable By Felicity Jones But If Ryder S Instincts Are Correct, This Breathtaking Beauty Is In TroubleCastle Rock Isn T Felicity S Home Like Her False Identity, It S Just A Cover All She Wants Is Enough Cash To Keep Moving To Another Temporary Hideaway To Stay On The Run From A Secret That S Haunted Her For Years As Safe As Ryder S Strong Embrace Makes Her Feel, She Fears That Falling For Him, And Staying In Colorado, Will Put Everyone She S Come To Love In DangerThe Ryder Learns About Felicity, The Determined He Is Not To Let Her Go It S Time For Her To Stop Running Even As A Relentless Danger Closes In, Threatening Their Love And Their Lives ¾ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) ¾ Once again Susan Stoker has kept me up way past my bedtime Not complaining mind you, just a fact since I couldn t put this book down Ever since we met Felicity I wanted her to find her happily ever after Susan Stoker å Felicity just wants her money and to leave town There s a reason she doesn t have her name anywhere on the Gym with Cole Now that reason is close again and she has to leave to protect her friends Fortunately for her they aren t having any of it and the Sinclair brothers including Ryder are ready to step in to stop her from running Susan Stoker å Ryder immediately senses Felicity is in trouble and needs a way out of it First she s going to have to trust him with the whole truth Susan Stoker å I couldn t stop reading, with every page you learn something new and terrifying about Felicity s stalker and what he s put her through for years Now he s close again, sending her things and putting things È read ↠´ Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4) by Susan Stoker ï

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