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à Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) ↠´ ARC received for reviewGreat first book to what is going to hopefully be an amazing series Gray and Allye were amazing together and smokin hot I loved how she spelled her name every time after she was introduced to someone new Allye had a sh t childhood which made her very strong She was perfect for Gray Now the bad guy, Nightingale, was a seriously messed up mo fo, and had his sights set on Allye Gray and his crew of course swoop in and save the day Great epilogue and the teaser chapter for the next book makes me want it now Susan Stoker ↠´ Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ ß Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) ¾ Check out all of my reviews at This first book in Susan Stoker s new Romantic suspense series is intense, gritty, sexy and HOT DEFENDING ALLYE Mountain Mercenaries 1 by Susan Stoker has everything I am looking for in a Romantic suspense The excitement takes off from page one with the alpha hero rescuing the heroine, but she is no ordinary, shrinking violet heroine The villain of the book is pure evil and sadistic WARNING for those who have problems with extreme sexual and physical violence against women, the villain s crimes are graphic and this series is about a group of ex military men who fight outside the law against human trafficking Gray Rogers is a former Navy SEAL now working for the mysterious Rex as one of his Mountain Mercenaries in Colorado Springs The Mountain Mercenaries are all former mil Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ Love Is A Life And Death Risk For The Mountain Mercenaries In New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Stoker S Explosive Series Of Alpha Heroes, Hot Action, And Hard Passion Ever Since His Rescue Op Off The Pacific Coast, Mountain Mercenary Gray Rogers Hasn T Been Able To Forget His Latest Job Allye Martin Any Other Woman Would Have Panicked During A Rescue, But The Wily Dancer Kept Her Cool Even After Being Kidnapped By An Elusive Human Trafficker And Gray Couldn T Be Happier When A Grateful Allye Follows Him Home To Colorado Springs For Allye, Finding Sanctuary In The Arms And Bed Of The Former Navy SEAL Is Only Temporary People Are Disappearing Off The Streets Of San Francisco, Victims Of The Same Underground Trade That Targeted Her, And Allye Could Be The Key To Dismantling The Entire Operation She S Willing To Do Anything To Bring Them Down Gray Isn T For Good Reason But You Don T Say No To A Tough Girl Like Allye Who Refuses To Play It SafeNow Gray Is Risking Than Ever Before The Mountain Mercenaries Have His Back But Is It Enough To Keep The Woman He Loves Out Of Harm S Way Ø Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) º Get it hereUSUK Defending Allye is my first full length novel by Susan Stoker, and a story I really enjoyed I liked the suspense that was thrown in around the whirlwind romance of Allye and Gray The chemistry they shared added a sensual feeling to the intriguing story and I thought the blend of everything coming together was done very well This is definitely a series I ll be readingof and even might jump to the second book as my next read All of the secondary characters were very likable so they have my dying to get to knowabout them, especially Rex Overall, it was a sexy and suspenseful story that I would recommend Susan Stoker ☆ Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ Í Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) Ù Cute ass audio that helped me put up my tree with lights Susan Stoker ✓ Ornaments will come later Defending Allye is the first book of the Mountain Mercenaries series It was cute and everything and I love the two main characters buttt some things annoyed me For most of this book, Allye is basically the victim I get that she was kidnapped and shit Susan StokerSusan Stoker ✓ but it was kind of boring Susan Stoker ✓ I did end up falling for Grayson and Allye though They were cute and he s like the alpha always looking to save his woman I m glad that they got their happy ish ending They definitely got each other throughout the book as well Their banters were cute and I just couldn t help shipping them Susan Stoker ✓ Other than that, there s that dreaded cliffhanger I need to know what the hell is happening with that girl back at her home Is that woman beating her, is it her brother, or is it both I have so many questions and need answers Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ ✓ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) È This was meant to be just a short, sweet filler on the last day of the month And in a way it was However, it was also a bitbecause the author actually managed to let the main characters talk to one another instead of instantly ending up between the sheets Susan Stoker ☆ Allye hasn t had a nice time growing up Nevertheless, she is an accomplished dancer now However, at the beginning of the book she s only one thing a kidnapping victim The thing is, she wasn t even supposed to be on the boat Grey boarded that night He s working for a secret organisation helping victims when the law would take too long think Charlie s Angels but the angels are male, former military and there s 6 or 7 of them He meant to get info on the boss of a human trafficking ring and instead got a feis Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) ↠´ Thank the stars above Defending Allye is a new series for Mrs Stoker Kind of Sort of totally new, but it s not It s sort of like shopping at Target You know what you came in to shop for, but those dudes in the red and khaki just made a new display that catches your attention So, you walk back to the front of the store and grab a cart That s what Defending Allye is It s a new display And it s awesome I can t tell you how excited I was to read an old, familiar name pop up It was like Yay I totally remember you I won t say what other series characters pops up You read it you ll see Mrs Stoker builds strong characters both Hero and Heroine in Defending Allye And her new book, like a new display has levels There s the characters They re relatable, reliable, resolute, but they re also funny and sometime qu Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆

Í Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) ↠´ Really wanted to love this one, and it started out promising, but Allye s character just fell flat for me The events in her childhood should ve made me feel bad for her, but as it was described it didn t really stir any emotion Discussing your life story while trying to stay alive and swim to safety in frigid water didn t really ring true for me either A copy was kindly provided by Montlake Romance via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Susan Stoker Ë Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ Í Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) à Grayson Rogers from the Mountain Mercenaries is sent on a mission to gather information on a human trafficking business On that mission he rescues Allye who was just kidnapped When the man who purchased her isn t willing to stop going after her, Gray and his fellow mercenaries work diligently to bring this guy down Our main characters, Gray and Allye are what really made this story for me Despite Gray s toughness, he was incredibly sweet to Allye That is almost the perfect combination in character traits for me with a hero Add in that Allye was such a strong character herself, and these two have become one of my favorite couples I will caution that this has some very disturbing scenes This is about human trafficking and the villain of the story is a disturbed individual If you can handle that, this story was rea Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) ↠´ DEFENDING ALLYE by Susan Stoker This is book one of a new series by Ms Stoker Having read many of her previous books, I was looking forward to this one Well, Ms Stoker did not disappoint This story tells the tale of Allye and Gray I adored Allye She s sweet and a bit quirky and a touch naive, despite having a bit of a rough life thus far She made me laugh and smile throughout Gray is tough and rough and uber sexy He s all about protecting his woman and I LOVE IT Since this is a book about a mercenary, yes, there is danger and suspense And, I tell you, Ms Stoker knows how to write a bad guy Her villains are often the devil himself and this one was no exception I found I was often anxious, not knowing when or if the villain would strike This story encompasses a lot love, family and friends, danger and even a bit of heartbreak Ms Ö read ↠´ Defending Allye (Mountain Mercenaries, #1) by Susan Stoker ☆

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