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» Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) ✓ The story starts off a little sketchy at first but I can suspend my disbelief to just go with it What I mean is Summer is an older woman at thirty six, well educated, but got stuck in a bad place she doesn t belong in She was married and her husband left her for another woman because their marriage was comfortable They obviously didn t marry for love but for stability, neither deceived the other I don t blame her ex husband and I don t blame her because they were both adults, knew what they were getting into, and he didn t cheat He came home, told her he met someone and asked for a divorce, which she honored They both handled themselves and the situation well The problem was that the divorce apparently left her with nothing Even if she was well off before she lost her job, [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online  ✓ Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) À Another great narration I forgot though how slightly graphic the kidnapping torture scenes were and hearing them in audio was really a bit much for me Susan Stoker Þ [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online  At Age Fifteen, Sam Mozart Reed S Life Changed The Day His Little Sister Was Found Abused And Murdered Since Her Death, He S Spent His Life Hunting For The Serial Killer Who Took His Sister From Him And Ruined His Family Using His Connections, And SEAL Training, Mozart Believes He S Finally Tracked The Killer To The Town Of Big Bear, CaliforniaSummer Pack Is Working In A Crappy Motel Up At Big Bear Lake Until She Can Find Something Better, Meaningful, Real While Living In An Unhealthy Situation, She Meets A Man Who Is Everything She S Ever Dreamed About And Who Helps Her See That There Are Some People In The World Who Will Actually Do What They Say They Will And Keep Their WordBut Somewhere In Big Bear Is A Killer Waiting To Strike Again Waiting And Watching For The Perfect Victim Protecting Summer Is The Th Book read Online Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) In The SEAL Of Protection Series It Can Be read As A Stand Alone, But It S Recommended You read The Book read Online Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) s In Order To Get Maximum Enjoyment Out Of The SeriesFull Length Novel At , Words à Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) à 5 Sunshine Stars From the very beginning of this series I have been smitten with Mozart, the cheeky, hot playboy of the team and after reading Protecting Summer that crush has turned into full blown love Susan Stoker à Once again, Stoker has delivered a wonderful book filled with love, drama, friendship, suspense and panty dropping hotness With his devilish good looks, smooth talk and heart of gold, Mozart is sure to have you swooning on EVERY page I seriously did not want to put this book down and if I hadn t had to take the kids to school believe me, I tried to get out of it it would not have left my hands for a second I am that addicted to this series and these characters Susan Stoker à Mozart has been haunted with the knowledge that the bastard that murdered his little sister 14 years ago [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online  á Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) ¾ Summer and Mozart Susan Stoker Þ Same formula as the other stuff I ve read by this author An h with low self esteem and down on her luck Insta love lust Rescue from sexually depraved villain It filled the time Susan Stoker Þ Mozart is the Romeo of the group Always the ladies and only for one night until Summer He has scars on his face that have put a crimp on his Game but not really I did like how he was with Summer after rescuing her The author was sensitive to how a person would be after surviving an ordeal like that Mozart is out to prove that she isto him than a quick f ck I thought he went a little overboard with it but, whatever Susan Stoker Þ One niggling thing bothered me about when they FINALLY get together view spoiler they have this long dialogue about safe sex after he s already in her Kind of a mood killer for me an I would think for the characters too hide spoil [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online  ë Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) ë Protecting Summer is an incredibly captivating and beautifully touching story of accepting all that life brings your way There are times when we are on top of the world and feel as if nothing could possibly go wrong Other times, we are lower than the dirt under our feet where crawling uphill feels like we are falling even deeper into a pit that will never see the light of day Both types of situations mold our life and influence us to become who we are supposed to be and lead us on the path that has been made destined for us While the bad is always hard to bear, it makes the good that much sweeter, brighter, precious then it would normally be if our life was all happiness and fluffy bunnies It is this balance that allows us to appreciate the small, priceless things in life that can never be replaced Susan Stoker Ó Summer had a good life until it was [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online  ŠProtecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) » FREE ontoday 2 3 2019 Blurb At age fifteen, Sam Mozart Reed s life changed the day his little sister was found abused and murdered Since her death, he s spent his life hunting for the serial killer who took his sister from him and ruined his family Using his connections, and SEAL training, Mozart believes he s finally tracked the killer to the town of Big Bear, California Susan Stoker ↠´ Summer Pack is working in a crappy motel up at Big Bear Lake until she can find something better,meaningful,real While living in an unhealthy situation, she meets a man who is everything she s ever dreamed about and who helps her see that there are some people in the world who will actually do what they say they will and keep their word Susan Stoker ↠´ But somewhere in Big Bear is a killer waiting to strike again Waiting and watching for the perfect victim Susan Stoker ↠´ [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online Â

↠´ Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) ï 4 Susan Stoker ☆ 5 stars I m in love Mozart is my absolute favourite SEAL I was putty melting right there on the spot I couldn t get enough of him Susan Stoker s Stoker newest installment in theSEAL of Protectionseries is absolutely worth the read, if not for the romance, at least for the latest hero, Mozart Reading about womanizers in your typical romance suspense genre novel can sometimes work and sometimes not, and Stoker here makes itthan work Out of the entire SEALS group, Mozart is the king of one night stands Regardless, Mozart is the sexiest alpha male SEAL, one I couldn t get enough of Did I say that already No matter It stands to be repeated several times I love how Mozart wanted a woman of worth a woman who would look bey [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online Â Ç Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) â DNF at 40% Lost my enthusiasm and mood for the book due to the manwhore aspect of Mozart I knew he was a player before I read it, but I thought it would just be a background reference It was a little too talked about for my liking Then the real clincher was Mozart meets Summer Takes her out to dinner and kisses her Tells her he is coming back to her to explore what they have That he wantsfrom her than a one night stand which is all he has ever wanted with anyone BUT, he stays away for TWO MONTHS, trying to deny his desire for her, during which time, he takes a woman home He says he loses his eerection and sends her away, but obviously they had been really hot and heavy I didn t like that he even took another woman home at all And 2 months was just too long to have stayed away I just couldn t get over this stuff I am sure [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) ✓ Wow, I love a Susan Stoker story I loved Fiona and I loved Summer in this book Summer is down on her luck, with no one who cares for her, working at a crappy motel Mozart comes to town, keeping a low profile by staying at the motel, to find a psycho he s been tracking His sister was killed by this guy and Mozart needs to get the psycho man off the planet This is a truly wonderful romance packed with action, suspense, and compassion Summer stands up for scarred Mozart against some mean women, and she has made a friend with this SEAL He is drawn to her sweetness and her sassy side, too After seeing her with Mozart, the psycho tags Summer as his next victim view spoiler Spoiler there is some torture of a wom [Susan Stoker]  Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection, #4) [words PDF] read Online Â

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