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All Defenses Are Down In The Fifth Ace Security Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Susan StokerSarah Butler Isn T Flattered She S Angry And Unnerved She S Been Getting Intimate Gifts From A Man She Barely Knows Nothing Threatening Yet, But There S Just A Weird Vibe She Can T Ignore Her Recourse Is Ace Security Their Solution Self Defense Lessons At Rock Hard Gym With A Personal, Hands On Instructor One Look At The Bearded, Tattooed, Green Eyed Alpha Is Enough To Take Sarah S Breath AwayCole Johnson Is Definitely The Man For The Job He S Eager To Train Her Eager To Get Closer And When It Comes To Sarah S Instincts, Cole Knows She S Not Imagining Things He S Also Not Imagining The Intense Attraction Between Them And His Desire To Protect Her Is Growing But So Are Sarah S Fears, The Worst Of Which Come True When She DisappearsEnlisting The Help Of Ace Security, Cole Will Stop At Nothing To Find The Love Of His Life Before She Vanishes Forever ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) Ò Great contemporary romance read I loved how the characters evolved and the story line was great as well This was my first time reading this author, but definitely will not be the last Overall a great quick read Susan Stoker ✓ ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ ½ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) Ì Sarah Butler is angry and uneasy because of the gifts she keeps getting from a man she barely knows After getting no help after reporting these incidents to the police she seeks help from Ace security Logan Anderson recommends that she go for self defense lessons at Rock Hard Gym with hands on instructor Cole Johnson Her first encounter with Cole leaves her unimpressed Once Cole makes amends to Sarah for his abruptness he knows he is the right one to help her with self defense training Talking with Sarah Cole is positive that her instincts about her stalker are correct There is a strong attraction between them that neither tries to deny And when Sarah s worst fears become a reality and she disappears Cole does everything within his powers to keep his promis ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ à Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) É It s okay Susan Stoker Æ Typical Susan Stoker Hero, protective, caring and selfless Susan Stoker Æ He is a bit mean to her at the start, but sorts it Susan Stoker Æ Heroine has someone leaving her gifts so needs Ace security Susan Stoker Æ Hero says he hasn t dated in forever, heroine hasn t for about 4 years Susan Stoker Æ There are appearances from previous characters and couples in the series with references to their stories so best to read the series in order not to spoil it Susan Stoker Æ No intimate scenes with anyone other than the Hero and heroine Susan Stoker Æ No cheating Susan Stoker Æ Stalker issue but nothing sexual, he has developmental issues Susan Stoker Æ Bit patronising but a safe read for those looking for devoted Hero, non manwhore Susan Stoker Æ Bit insta, I love you and talk of babies was very quick HEA Susan Stoker Æ Epilogue Susan Stoker Æ ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ È Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) ☆ Another winner This is a wonderful contemporary romance that loved Sarah is a CNA who s been a bit lost since her dads death a few years before and Cole is the part owner of a gym Sarah turns to Cole for self defense lessons when she is being stalked, and, while he helps her, sparks fly I found myself totally engrossed and invested in their story Susan Stoker ✓ In addition to the hot romance and the swoon worthy characters you would expect in one of this author s novels, she also touches on high functioning mental retardation and a character that is lost and floundering on his own She does this with a gentle touch that respectful and relatable Susan Stoker ✓ I stayed up way too late into the night to finish this book and found myself flipping pages just ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ Æ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) Æ Claiming Sarah Susan Stoker This is the fifth book in the Ace Security series from Susan Stoker and this book is coming outthan a year after Felicity s story book 4 This is Cole and Sarah s story Cole is co owner of the local gym and Sarah meets him when she requests self defense lessons because of a stalker who keeps sending her gifts That is the simplified version of the story, as I don t want to give any spoilers away If you haven t read the other 4 books in this series, you will still be able to follow along I prefer to read series in order but since book 4 came out over a year ago, I couldn t remember specific details from it With that being said though, Stoker does a great job of summarizing different plot lines from previous books so you can still follow along in the story I really enjoy books from Susan Stoker and I r ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ ☆ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) ☆ I have read the previous books in the Ace Security series and I was looking forward to this final book Claiming Sarah exceeded my expectations Sarah has been receiving letters and gifts from the son of a former patient which make her uneasy After the police dismissed her concerns, she contacts Ace Security and is referred to Cole Johnson for self defense training Although Sarah and Cole get off to a bad start, Cole immediately makes things right Both are startled by their instant chemistry After hearing about the odd letters and gifts Sarah has been receiving, he is also concerned for her safety and gets Ace Securitydeeply involved When Sarah disappears, both Cole and the Ace Security team work frantically to find her Susan Stoker ô I liked that although Sarah s kidnapper ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ æ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) æ 3 Susan Stoker æ 75 starsVery solid story I hadn t read the other standalones in this story before this one but I never felt lost This story had great characters and suspense As much as I enjoyed it I struggled with the fact that I knew how the story was going to play out from the beginning There wasn t much surprise there The relationship between the characters happened fast I did enjoy the fact that the Hero was a little over the top in caveman ways and made no qualms with how he saw the future Nothing was stopping him from getting his happily ever after and creating a family This is definitely a book for the reader that enjoys an instant connection and what comes from saying no to condoms in books I will have to look forfrom this author in the future Susan Stoker æ ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ Ý Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) ✓ This is the last book in the Ace Security series and I highly recommend you read the previous books before reading this one or you may be lost on some of the characters and what happened to them In this one we get Cole s story which I know a lot of us were really hoping for Cole co owns the gym with his best friend and Sarah has been referred there in order to learn some self defense She believes she has a stalker but the police are not taking her seriously and she doesn t know what to do or where to turn Cole is attracted to Sarah and the way she see s the world from the start He knows that he is the man that can protect her and stand in front of her so she can continue to be the person she is meant to be But he has to keep her safe in order for them to have their happy ending I was so excited when this bo ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´ ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) á I recieved a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley and Montlake Romance, in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed this one, it was a nice fast read with a decent plot and good pacing and I was really invested in the characters ä read ↠´ Claiming Sarah (Ace Security #5) by Susan Stoker ↠´

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