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↠´ Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) ↠´ OMG Protecting Alabama had me emotionally involved immediately I was crying for Alabama right away She s not had a good life and as a result she s quiet and doesn t make herself noticed Christopher Abe is a hawt Seal He meets Alabama and needs to knowabout her Christopher tracks her down using his seal team connections and ends up falling for her Susan Stoker ↠´ Alabama ends up going through troubles with no help from Christopher I just wanted to kick Christopher s butt for his actions This book kept me on an emotional roller coaster I did the ugly cry for Alabama and felt for her situation Christopher s teammates and friends rallied for Alabama and made her know they cared Susan Stoker ↠´ Protecting Alabama is the second book in the Protecting series but you don t need to have read the first, Protecting Caroline, [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë à Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à In the second book of her SEAL of Protection series, Ms Stoker gets darker andemotional Alabama Ford Smith, the leading lady in this romantic drama has had to deal with physical abuse for most of her life Her mother was NOT A NICE PERSON Alabama survived, and because of the abuse, she is hesitant to let people close No matter what, people ALWAYS let you down While she loves the solitude her job at a local real estate firm provides, she would like to have someone to spend some time with in her otherwise lonely life Christopher Abe Powers is part of an elite SEAL team and he loves his teammates Something is missing though he knows it s because of his friends Wolf and Caroline Watching them fall in love has him thinking about how much he wants that His past has left him with a bad taste in his mouth for anyone that lies, ch [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë ì Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) ✓ Maybe reading this one and Protecting Caroline back to back wasn t such a good idea Susan Stoker ↠´ Both books had the following1 Repetitiveness We GET it They re SEALs, they re great, their SEAL team is the best, they re awesome, they re dangerous, all the women in the world want them Blah blah blah blah blah Susan Stoker ↠´ 2 Both heroines have low self esteemhow could any of the heroes like love them They re so much better than they are gag 3 The heroes are constantly telling the heroines they re the ladies so brave, the bravest women they ve ever knownand yet, both heroes were fine just leaving their bravest ladies at the most important time that they needed them Susan Stoker ↠´ 4 This onethey exchanged I Love Yous about 50% into the book and then IMMEDIATELY, in a few scenes later, the hero was SO SURE that everything the heroine had been falsely accused of was T [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë ã Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) ã The h, Alabama, has a trigger from her abusive childhood Shut up, Alabama She confides in Abe about this, and how those words trigger her, when she s telling him about her past At one point, he thinks she did something wrong Instead of listening to her side of it, he purposely uses her trigger against her, shouting Shut up, Alabama, when she s trying to explain her side of it Christopher, I Shut up, Alabama, I don t really want to hear your excuses right now Afterwards, she completely shuts down Susan Stoker È Alabama hadn t said a word since Christopher left There was no point She had nothing No one The officers tried to get her to talk, but she sat stonily in front of them staring off into space Susan Stoker È I get that he was stressed out [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à I struggled with how I wanted to rate this one The hero isn t there for the heroine when she needs him the most and I struggled with that However, the hero immediately realized he screwed up and you could see that he genuinely loved her Because of this, I focused on that when I rated this book Susan Stoker õ Both the hero and heroine have some heavy baggage that played into who they were The heroine suffers from being abused as a child by her mother and the poor girl never really got past that abuse Abe saw past all her shy awkwardness and was able to draw her out of herself Now this may be a reason why some people will hate why he wasn t there for her in her time of need Of all people, she deserved to have someone stand by her side It was Abe s past that interfered with his ability to deal with what happened and kept him from thinking rationally The author did a good job o [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë Û Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) Ù The Hero had a girlfriend for three months who was a bword but he let her stay because she was good in bed I hated her He broke up with her the day he met the h Showcased him from a fire and was brutally abused as a child It was so tragic The Hero glass totally gaga in love upon meeting her He took it slow and she eventually told him about her past Her Mother would punish her for talking so really hates someone telling her to shut up The Hero promises her he never will The h gets set up for stealing by his ex and she is arrested She asks for him and he shows up but guess what He thinks she stole the stuff and he tells her to shut up and he leaves her there where they stick her in a cell for three days and it is just simply heartbreaking His team members end up helping her though and I really liked that alot He grovels bu [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë Alabama Didn T Have A Good Start To Life Emotionally And Physically Abused By Her Mama, Alabama Spent Her High School Years In Foster Care People Let Her Down, Time After Time, And She D Learned To Rely On Only Herself Christopher Abe Powers Earned His Nickname Because He Tolerated Nothing Less Than Absolute Honesty From The People Around Him Finding The Bar Scene Stale And Having Watched His Friend And Teammate, Wolf, Find The Woman Of His Dreams, Abe Was Determined To Find Someone To Share His Life With Too Alabama And Abe Had No Idea Their Paths Would Cross And Their Prayers Would Be Answered, But Like Most Things In Life, Nothing Is Ever As Easy As It Seems At First Two Words Would Change Both Their Lives And They D Have To Fight Hard For Their Happy Ever After Protecting Alabama Is The Nd Book Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) In The SEAL Of Protection Series It Can Be read As A Stand Alone, But It S Recommended You read The Book Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) s In Order To Get Maximum Enjoyment Out Of The Series ↠´ Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) ↠´ 2 Susan Stoker µ 5 stars Ok so I didn t really like this and I didn t hate it It was just ok for me Parts of it I really liked In the beginning there s a fire that breaks out at an office party where the h works and the H is there with his current gf that also works there The gf is a total bi h Now the H is a Navy Seal right He and the h meet at the buffet table prior to the fire breaking out and he feels a very strong connection to her He goes back to sit with the gf that he is planning on breaking up with later that day So when the fire breaks out what does the NAVY SEAL do He grabs his gf and goes to a corner by the front door, covers her with his shirt and jacket and throws his body over her to protect her Now don t get me wrong, I m not saying he shouldn t protect her What I m getting at is that while he s doing this, the h knows of a second e [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë Ä Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) Ä Navy Seal Christopher Abe Powers wants what his friend has, finding the girl who is meant to be his Abe has had his fair share of relationships but it never just clicked until he meets Alabama Smith Every instinct he has wants to protect Alabama, he knows she has a broken soul and he wants to help find a way to let her heal Susan Stoker Ò For the first time in Alabama s life she trusts someone, Christopher She feels protected, adored, and finally accepted As they begin something special together an outside influence is determined to destroy the bond they have created Spectacular read, I became so invested in Alabama Alabama doesn t see how strong she really is, Abe is wonderful and so delicate with Alabama I look forward to the next book in series Susan Stoker Ò [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë Ï Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) Ï This was an oke read for me I felt it was a bit too heavy on the insta love and a bit too cheesy Susan Stoker ì Also the alpha is this one is a major asshole at one point and if I were the heroine, I would have never forgiven him 2,5 3 stars I m rounding up, because the heroine was pretty sweet, eventhough she was too forgiving in my opinion At least she did make him grovel a bit Susan Stoker ì [ Pdf Protecting Alabama (SEAL of Protection, #2) à erotic-historical-romance PDF ] by Susan Stoker Ë

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