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Defending Everly ☆ Another winner I love this series and Defending Everly tells us Ball s story He has his own rough back story, and dislikes working with womenthen he is forced to work with Everly to find her sister However, Everly is not the average family member, she is a highly trained SWAT officer with her own tragic back story Susan Stoker ✓ I loved the way these characters came together and found a way to become a team, and, ultimately, to see if their broken pieces can fit together to become a couple The characters are interesting and tugged on my heartstrings, especially Elise, the missing sister As a deaf teenager, she normally faceschallenges than most As a kidnap victim, being unable to hear puts Elise at a serious disadvantage and makes it harder for any potential rescuer However, the author presents this is a normal way with a gentle touch This is a must read for fans of the genre The a [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß ✓ Defending Everly ✓ This is the story of Mountain Mercenary Kannon Black aka Ball, and Colorado Springs SWAT Everly Adams Susan Stoker ☆ Everly s 15 year old half sister is missing she disappeared from Los Angelos without a trace and the window to find her is closing fast Ball along with the other Mountain Mercenaries are going to help find her sister She and Ball got off on the wrong foot Will they be able to forget about the animosity they feel towards each other and find her sister Another great story by Susan Stoker I love her books The characters are real with real emotions and feelings I cannot wait for the next one I would highly reccomend this book and series I I receieved a free copy of this book this is my honest review I would purchase this book for myself or friend or family member Susan is such a great writer Susan Stoker ☆ [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß The Stakes Are Personal, Hot, And Dangerous In New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Stoker S Riveting Mountain Mercenaries NovelAs Tough As Everly Adams May Be, The Colorado Springs SWAT Officer Is Near A Breaking Point Her Fifteen Year Old Half Sister, Elise, Has Disappeared From Los Angeles Without A Trace, And The Window To Find Her Is Closing Fast Committed To The Search Is Mountain Mercenary Kannon Ball Black He And Everly Already Have A History Of Rubbing Each Other The Wrong WayStill, Everly Has To Admit The Man Is Heart Stopping His Brash Alpha Swagger Takes Her Breath Away And Most Importantly, As A Former Coast Guard First Responder, Ball Has What It Takes To Bring Elise HomeNobody S Buying The LAPD S Runaway Theory And The Fear That Elise Is The Victim Of A Human Trafficking Ring Is A Gut Punch That Everly And Ball Can T Ignore If Only The Trail Were That Clear Cut Because The One They Re Following Is Insidious And Intimately Dark Than They Could Have ImaginedNow As The Bond Between Everly And Ball Grows Stronger, So Does The Heat And As The Stakes Rise, So Does The Danger ↠´ Defending Everly ↠´ Don t let the title fool you Everly can and does defend herself She is a police SWAT officer and enlists assistance of the Mountain Mercenaries to locate her missing teenaged sister Ball has had negative experiences in his past when working with women and is biased Everly quickly and effortlessly changes his mind and his heart Their romance is one of mature adults and leaves the reader full of hope I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Susan Stoker ☆ [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß î Defending Everly î Mountain Mercenaries Everly is a cop and SWAT officer, who enlists the help of the Mountain Mercenaries when her deaf sister disappears after school one day Unfortunately, Ball isn t keen to work with a woman on his team due to some of his past experiences, but he s the one roped into going to LA with the sexy woman This story was amazing even though the scenario itself is quite heartbreaking ,in the sense that even when a situation makes you feel helpless, determination and hope are both essential Ball and Everly even though it appears they dislike each other in the beginning, they relyandon the other person in times of stress, until the point neither knows what they would do without the other Ball makes a concerted effort to learn MORE, which you ll understand once you read the story Susan Stoker Æ sorry no spoilers here, which made me fall in love with him and wish my name was E [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß ✓ Defending Everly ✓ This is book 5 in the Mountain Mercenaries series and it can absolutely be read as a stand alone however I recommend reading the books previous to this one so that you understand the relationships between the characters and some of the things that are mentioned that happened in previous books This one is about Kannon Ball Black and Everly Adams Ball and Everly got off on the wrong foot from the get go Everly, who is also a SWAT officer, has come to the Mountain Mercenaries to get help in finding her 15 year old sister Her fear is that a human trafficking ring has taken her, and if so they only have a short time in order to find her or she will be gone for good Ball has his reason s for not wanting to work with a woman But when he is forced to work with Everly [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß ☆ Defending EverlyDefending Everly is book 5 in the Mountain Mercenaries by Susan Stoker Even though it s my first read in this series, I didn t feel lost when reading this book But I definitely will go and start reading this series because I want to knowof them Loved it Loved that Everly is a strong brave heroine She was kick ss Everly Adams is a SWAT officer who s sister has disappeared and she goes to The Mercenaries for help Kannon Ball Black doesn t like working with women and he showed it at the beginning, but he quickly turned around when he realized Everly is not like the women in his past Susan Stoker Ú Loved the relationship between Ball and Elise, Everly s sister Susan Stoker Ú Also loved that he learned sign language to communicate with her Great read and had me hooked since the beginning My Rating 5 STARS [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß

Ö Defending Everly Ö Ball has had a bad run with women lately His newbie partner almost got him killed His fiancee ditched him when he got discharged from the Coast Guard So he s not exactly female friendly but even he didn t think he d stopp as low as insulting a woman to her face Everly, as a SWAT officer, has to be tough, capable and twice as good as a man to be taken seriously but Ball just cannot seperate Everly the cop from Everly the female Give Everly a gun toting smackhead any day Anything but this muscle bound, misogynstic merc But if she wants to find her sister she needs to accept all the help she can get Even Ball s Her younger sister is not only missing, she is also deaf She has to go on the mission so that they can communicate with her Susan Stoker Î Oh boy, Ball made a bit of an impression for all the wrong reasons initially Thankfully he took his foot out of his mouth, his ideas out of [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß º Defending Everly º PRE ORDERUSUKThe Mountain Mercenaries has been my favorite series from Susan Stoker and I ve loved every book and every character in it Ball was a little hard to gauge up until now but I loved being able to dig deeper into his character It took some time for him to open up to Everly and to see that she was capable as a partner and the journey those discoveries took him on was brilliant Everly was a kickass heroine and I loved getting to see how tough she was throughout this story She was gong through a really hard time with her sister, Elise, missing but she held it together so that she could go with Ball and find Elise I admired the strength she had and it had me rooting for her character And even Elise s, who I thought was a great addition to this group Overal [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß Defending Everly ☆ Feel good romantic suspenseThis author s stories are chock a block full of strong men and women which has made the Mountain Mercenaries series so fun to read This time out saw Ball and Everly battling the unknown in their frantic search for Elise Susan Stoker ↠´ I loved how Elise was portrayed a teenager dealing with all the usual growing up issues plus a wee bitShe was smart but still a kid and searching for answers in all the places, including where she shouldn t How it was dealt with felt true to reality, including her gut wrenching fear and tension Ball and Everly s journey from reluctant partners in the search to unexpected supporters Their fear was no less real and all the emotions they had were close to the surface Hate and love were a big part of this romantic suspense and it was felt in every snarky exchange, each hard fo [Susan Stoker] ✓ Defending Everly [japanese-history PDF] read Online ß

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